Robin's Quest: A Legend Born

Robin's Quest: A Legend Born

Tasks may consist of mini games or hidden object scenes
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When an evil ruler greedily taxes his people to near starvation, there’s always one who rises against all odds to fight for what’s right ... but fighting for the good of the people often results in fighting for one’s family.

Help our brave new hero rise from humble beginnings to becoming the champion of which stories are written for centuries.Robin's Quest A Legend Born is a puzzle/adventure game that retells the famous legend. After the wicked Prince John decides to put excessive taxes on inhabitants of Nottingham, leading them to poverty, Robin tries to take the law into her own hands and leads a tax revolt to recapture people's money. But she and her husband are caught and end up in jail. There in prison, her only wish will be to escape to free her husband.
With that goal in mind, Robin will start a quest through different places of England, meeting and talking to people, and helping some along the way, while also receiving favors in return.
In overall, the gameplay doesn't vary much from the latest games of its type, but includes some features I hadn't seen before. Most of the time, you must explore the surroundings of a scene with the mouse to find tasks to complete. Sparkles are the most obvious indicators that there is something to look into in the area, and there are some spots where the cursor turns into a magnifying glass, a gear, or a hand also telling you there's something to do. Tasks may consist of mini games or hidden object scenes, or in combining the objects found to carry out an action (you may need to distract a guard, break a window, etc.). Hidden-object scenes are not particularly hard to solve, but the way items are listed is quite original. The hint system has some unique features as well; for one thing, you can collect hints by clicking on the fireflies appearing along the levels. Also, you don't need to wait until the hint container is refilled to use another. Besides puzzles, there are tasks you won't be able to complete by yourself, and you will need the help of the "Merry Men", men with particular abilities who will join you in your quest as long as you help them solve their own problems.
The game has an exquisite artwork, beautifully depicting the scenarios and places of the medieval England. There are plenty of locations to go through, which you can navigate freely, and it's not necessary to complete a place to advance. In fact, if you get stuck you can just walk away and try to solve other riddles. Once you are done with a location, you will see a notice telling you the area is complete. In this way, the game avoids the frustrating experience of wandering around not knowing what to do.
Extra goals, varied mini games, archery competitions, and more, make the game a very interesting option among the games of the genre.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Engaging story
  • Awesome graphics and music
  • Original hint system
  • Two game modes
  • Archery competitions!
  • Addictive gameplay


  • It'd have been great to hear a native British accent in a story
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